Summary of Minutes

During the regular meeting of the Staunton CUSD #6 Board of Education held on Monday, December 17, 2018 the Board held a public hearing concerning the 2018 tax levy. The levy is an annual request to the Macoupin and Madison County governments requesting local property tax dollars for operations of the school district. Following the public hearing all necessary resolutions for the levy were approved.

The Board approved an interscholastic cooperative agreement with Mt. Olive High School for IHSA football. There are now seven interscholastic cooperative agreements in place between the two districts. This interscholastic agreement is a two-year agreement that allows students from Mt. Olive High School to participate on the SHS football team. All cooperative agreements are reviewed by both districts and considered for renewal at the end of their terms.

In a recent bleacher inspection report the bleachers in the north (small) gymnasium were deemed no longer safe for use as they are structurally unsound. The Board reviewed and discussed the inspection report resolving to give direction to Superintendent Cox to have engineers provide various options for repair and/or removal of the bleachers. The bleachers have been closed off from use for safety considerations.

The following action was taken following closed session:

Recognition of Resignations and Retirements: The Board recognized the resignation of Christina Fry as a paraprofessional and Angel Flournoy as a custodian.

Approval of Employee 30 Day Unpaid Leave of Absence: No action was taken on this item.

Approval of Resolution to Dismiss and to Authorize Notice of Dismissal of Support Personnel: A motion was approved to adopt the Resolution to Dismiss and to Authorize Notice of Dismissal of Steve Miller. Following approval of the motion Vice-President Renner stated, “The Board of Education and administration want to thank Steve for his years of service and the good work he did for the district during the term of his employment.”

Approval of Separation Agreement with Educational Support Personnel: The Board approved a motion for the Separation Agreement with Educational Support Personnel Jason Stamer.

Authorize Payment of Appeal Bond to Circuit Court in Pending Litigation: The Board approved a motion to authorize payment of an appeal bond in the amount of $275,000 to the Circuit Court in pending litigation.

To learn more of all action and discussion items that took place during the meeting please view the summary of minutes on the District website.