Food Services

Staunton Schools will offer breakfast and lunch to all District students during the closure for COVID-19 beginning Tuesday, March 17 2020. It is important that we as a District continue to provide educational services and meet as many needs for our students and families as possible during school closure. Meals will be available on a carry out basis at six distribution facilities throughout our community. Following is more information we need families to be aware and to complete to best help us serve our students. 

Food Pick-Up Dates and Times

Food service dates will begin on weekdays Tuesday, March 17th-Monday, March 30th at the times indicated below. 

Breakfast - 7:30-8:30

Lunch - 11:30-12:30


To-go meals will be available at the following locations throughout our community. 

  1. Net Community Church - 1255 S. Hackman St., Staunton, IL

  2. Staunton Area Ambulance Services - 401 N Ash St., Staunton, IL

  3. Staunton City Hall - 304 W. Main St., Staunton, IL

  4. Staunton Township Building - 20459 Staunton Rd., Staunton, IL

  5. Livingston Village Fire Dept. - 422 Nichols St, Livingston, IL 

  6. Williamson Fire Dept. - 1201 Williamson Ave, Williamson, IL


With our partners from Opaa! Food Management, Inc. we have developed good, healthy nutritious meals for our students. To see the March menu click here. 


To help us best serve our students please answer some questions to a very brief survey found here.  This survey will help us better prepare and distribute the appropriate number of meals to our pick-up locations. 

Thank you to our community partners for your help in providing space to assist us in meeting the needs of our students. 

*All regular, reduced, and free breakfast and lunch qualifications apply. 

**For questions please contact your child’s principal at 618-635-2962.