I’m sorry. As I reflect on the events over the last week as the levels of caution skyrocketed at a rapid rate, especially the last few days, I have tried to think of what to say to you, our students. You’ve looked for guidance to those closest to you, your families and teachers, and we are in the same boat as you….searching for answers….learning as we go. You’ve listened to experts give this reason and that for why we need to “shut down.” You’ve listened to those in leadership, including me, say that we are making decisions with your safety as the top priority. These things are true. But what you haven’t heard is “I’m sorry.”

I’m sorry you are sacrificing things you have worked so hard for. The games, practices, programs, performances, events, parties and more that are put on hold. Some things you will never get a chance to do again. For that, I’m truly sorry and share in your disappointment. Nothing brings me more joy as a superintendent than to see you excel at what you love to do. 

Now we wait.

While you have been with us we have talked a great deal about leadership, how to deal with adversity, being resilient and persevering. This is the time we need you to put those traits to practice. We don’t grow when things are easy. But when things are hard it is an opportunity to grow and to achieve new heights. Yes, it will look different than we thought. Our path is unknown. Will it be easy? Nope. Will it be worth it? You bet!

Take a few days to reflect and celebrate what you have accomplished, be sad about what you are missing, and look forward to what you’re about to achieve. You are history makers in our school!

I’m proud of you!

Now let’s lead together, challenge each other, and achieve more! 

Be the Difference, 

Dan W. Cox, Superintendent of Schools