Breakfast and Lunch Program

A breakfast program is available at all district attendance centers. Students will be able to purchase breakfast from 7:30-8:00 am. K-8th grade is a closed campus during lunch period. This policy is a safeguard for students.

Free and reduced lunch and breakfast applications are available in the school office. It is required that new applications be completed each school year to determine eligibility. Completed applications should be returned to the elementary or high school office.

The cost of lunch for students in grades K-8 is $2.86 per day and the price for breakfast is $1.75 per day. Those qualifying for reduced lunch will pay $.40 per day and those qualifying for reduced breakfast will pay $.30 per day. The price for milk is $.35 per carton.

According to government regulations, we serve only a Type A meal. No student may purchase a sandwich without a Type A lunch. Extra food will only be sold to those students who purchase a Type A lunch.