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At its' most recent regular meeting held on December 18, 2019 the Staunton CUSD #6 Board of Education passed the annual tax levy. The Certificate of Tax Levy lists the amount of property tax money to be provided for the various funds in the budget. The Board must determine the amount of money estimated to be necessary to be raised by taxation for that year on the taxable property within its district. It is important to note that the Board does not raise taxes listed by the amount in the levy. Instead, in the unlikely event that taxes would raise by the listed amount, the District would collect the money it is entitled to receive. 

The 2019 Staunton High School Illinois State Scholars and the State runner-up 7th Grade Lady Terriers Basketball team were in attendance as special guests and were recognized by the Board for their achievements. "Staunton Schools have a wide range of programs and activities for our students throughout the District. We are proud of the success that our students have both inside and outside of the classroom. They are outstanding representatives of our schools and community," noted Superintendent Dan Cox. 

To learn more about this and other action and discussion items see the summary of minutes here.